Even my earliest memories are surrounded with the anonymous and agonizing summons to seek this internal scream for fulfillment. There is an abundance of unanswered questions and nagging persistence within ones “I”. Unfiltered is this platform and it was built with minimal purpose, to become authentically enlightened with all gifts material and not, which have been given to us, and the gentle reminder that we do not ask to be here but are rather violently, gracefully, divinely, unfortunately or mistakenly placed here. What you may find, is substance and decoration, questionable tools and writing to get you through from time to time – or maybe not. Maybe you find nothing at all. Perhaps mostly some of the ways I have found joy since being here with you and the universe – by no coincidence at all. I’m curious what to expect from this, may that be a string of words and pictures, some of which I might not even mean in their entirety. This content is not designed to please you, but if you happen to enjoy the unapologetic art of happiness and its content than I am humbled that you so kindly and curiously stopped by…

You are now entering the abyss

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