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Confidently written by a bride-zilla, who’s wedding went from May 31, 2020 to August 27th, 2021. YIKES. The do’s and don’ts of postponement.

So, blondie in the photo below is me on my Bach weekend. Hi. If you’re reading this then chances are you have been thinking of rescheduling your wedding. Why? Well truthfully there are a lot of reasons to cancel large events right now. Keeping your family and friends safe, risking the unknown, timing, travel plans, financial recovering and essentially all the things the Corona Virus has ruined for us hard working bride’s-to-be!

How far away is your wedding date?

If your wedding is this spring, as in today – June 20, you should highly consider rescheduling as soon as you can. The reason is this – YOUR VENDOR WILL HAVE TO RESCHEDULE OTHER WEDDINGS FOR THIS YEAR AHEAD OF YOU! – THIS MEANS THERE IS LIKELY NO (WEEKEND) DATES AVAILABLE FOR YOU UNTIL NEXT YEAR !!

There is a high chance that by waiting longer and hanging onto hope that this thing clears up like tomorrow, you will not be getting married in 2020. Other couples in your situation that had a wedding planned anywhere from February 20th – April 30th are already canceled AND RESCHEDULED FOR LATER THIS YEAR on a different date. Call your vendor right now and have a thorough conversation about your options if you still want a 2020 wedding. That is unless you want a week day wedding and your venue has that option. Then you’re in the clear.

And not to mention – your vendor should be honoring your contracted amount with them $$ – this means you could get a better date in the future without paying the extra 2-4 grand for a summer date! YOU’RE WELCOME!

SUMMER WEDDINGS – wait until June 1st to reschedule!

As I said, the longer you wait, the less chance of a 2020 wedding date you will have. If this doesn’t matter to you then great, wait up until the First day of June to start re-planning. HOWEVER, for those of you who are having major anxiety because your wedding is July 11th, August 17th or even September 14th, I highly recommend speaking to your vendors about potential dates that are currently available. But I would NOT panic just yet. Do you hear me? No stressing out yet, you still have time on your side !

FALL WEDDINGS – wait until Sept. 15th to reschedule!

So usually the fall weddings are higher demand than winter. Fall is generally a portion of peak wedding season for many venues in the northeast- for this reason, you will need to consider aaallll the weddings before you. Why? because as I said, if you had your heart set on a beautiful October foliage and this virus is still going on in mid-September, you can forget about it sis! There are hundreds of others postponing before you have the chance to, and they will be picking fall as their first choice! A cooler, prettier time of year but still not too cold or in 2021. If your wedding is mid October, you can safely call it off and reschedule by September 15th with plans for the spring or even next summer.

Do’s and Don’ts of Postponing your wedding

DO …

  • Contact all vendors and finalize your new date with each of them
  • Match your invitations with your postponement cards – stay on theme
  • Address everyone with a heartfelt message about the cancellation
  • Include ” details to follow ” if you plan on sending another invitation later on
  • Call your parents and wedding party, but they don’t need a postponement card
  • Send out Thank You cards from your shower / registry
  • Consider the new time of year, is it too hot/cold for our wedding party attire?
  • Try to be patient with your vendors and future spouse, they’re doing the best they can, especially for dealing with you!
  • Celebrate with an even better bachelorette / bachelor weekend in the months prior to the new wedding date
  • Eat oreos and have a good cry – then get on your feet and keep it moving !


  • Cancel anything until you have 100% answers from every vendor involved
  • Sign anything until you have 100% answers from every vendor involved
  • Send a mass text to inform people with new details ( send mail )
  • Post anything on Facebook with your details – weddings are private events
  • Spend all your saved wedding funds on useless crap
  • Be afraid to make serious changes to the wedding theme or details – remember that you have time on your side now
  • Allow other people to make you feel sorry for yourself. You’re better than that. YOU GOT THIS.

Since moving our date from May 31st 2020 to August 27th 2021, I now have over a year to get my shit together. That’s right. I said it. And you might find yourself in this situation as well, here are 3 MAJOR Reasons to be happy about postponing!

Fitting your big booty into a wedding dress.

If you make the hard decision of postponing your wedding date, you will have more time to do a lot of things you would have skipped over before. One of those things? Eat an entire big mac meal and cry about moving your special day (this was written on my experience so – im not judging ) and then having SO MUCH TIME TO LOSE THOSE EXTRA POUNDS! ” Shredding for the wedding” is a real thing and you’ve now been given time to work on yo’ fitness so you can be the healthiest and happiest and feel fabulous in your dress!

More time to save for the things you really wanted but couldn’t afford to make happen.

Most venues will require you to have a down payment or deposit of over 50% and the remaining amount on the day of the wedding. If its not this exact, its something similar to it. This means since you have rescheduled, you will have more time to save money and not feel so stressed out about that remaining payment at the wedding. Store away all that savings so you don’t go haywire and spend it on things you don’t need before the wedding.

Reassessing your guest list.

There are MANY reasons why people are forgotten at a wedding or drop off your guest list months before, but there is one thing for certain that we can all agree on and that is: when your future husband decides to add 3-5 people (and their spouses) last minute or says to you ” ah, we should have invited them! ” – THERE IS NOTHING MORE OBNOXIOUS TO A BRIDE !! Like yes, you weenie we could have invited them if you MENTIONED IT BEFORE!

ahem..anyhow back to my point. Once your wedding is ruined by a global virus, most rules go out the window. Add anyone you want to this list now that you have more time to save money and can afford that “B List” you and your mom made. Don’t lie to me homegirl, I know you had a “maybe” guest list!



  hours  minutes  seconds


(New) Wedding Day!

At the end of the day, the wedding is a celebration. A magical, wonderful, stressful celebration. If you have your fiance, you have all you really need. The safety and health of your family is most important. I want you to know, it is okay to be upset about it. But don’t let it consume you! Take this challenge and turn it into an opportunity to create an even better, more fabulous special day!

As always, I believe there is magic within you, and that you ARE the head and not the tail. Go forth with grace and confidence and know that you can handle anything that lies ahead!


-Cassie McKenna

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