shut up and bake!

Listen up – if you think you can’t bake, you’ve been trying too hard!

Let’s be honest here. Many of us, despite how we feel about the feminist movement, think about our skills in the kitchen as women. Since the beginning of time, women have (way more than) three extraordinary and natural talents;

#1. Raising Children & families.

#2. Conquering the world on 3.5 hours of sleep and shitty coffee.

#3. Culinary Skills.

As important as number one and two are, it’s also important for women to not only feel comfortable and confident in the kitchen but also HAPPY and PEACEFUL there too. But just like anything you are not good at yet, practice, practice, and more practice! The aim is not perfection, the aim is creativity and developing a skill you didn’t have before, an important skill at that!

Hear me out –

I am coming up on 26, okay? And I am now honing in on my baking and cooking interest. Like most of you, I use to just cook because it felt like I had to. It felt like I had to “prove” I was good in the kitchen. But the truth is, it was never about proving. In fact – quite the opposite. Any amount of time in the kitchen is time spent with endless creation. No right and no wrong. Perhaps you burned something – great! Now we know maybe 450 degrees was a bit too hot for lasagna. And we try again next time, with a little more experience. Sometimes we feel that being able to cook or not cook actually defines a part of who we are as women, especially in a relationship. This is far from the truth. It is however, one of the most sought-after qualities in a partner, and always has been. Please DO NOT be intimidated by this. Baking is a skill that, thankfully, has been deeply rooted in our natural instincts since the very beginning of time, so you pretty much already have a head start. The cookbook is wide-open for you to step up, grab the most simple recipe, and just BEGIN!

Think about it. You know the cookbook you have that’s been sitting on your shelf or in the pantry for months, just waiting for you to pick it up? Where did you get that cookbook? Did someone gift it to you? Woohoo! Someone believes in you already, even if you don’t. Did you pick it out yourself? EVEN BETTER! That means you have intuitively recognized that somewhere within your characteristics, tracing back centuries, you were born with the magic to be a chef in your own home.

You don’t have to be good and you likely won’t be good, at the beginning. So what? Much like the relationships you start with anything in life, whether it be friends, fitness, or food – they ALL require time, patience and experience to become great! You just gotta keep trying to be better. That’s literally all it takes. I promise, once you put your favorite Pandora station on, prep all your ingredients and hell – pour a glass of zinfandel, you will, overtime, transition to a place of tranquility.

In conclusion,

I come from a family where everyone is a critic, particularly my mother, and rightfully so. This woman (if you read the Brunch blog, you know already) is a powerhouse. She can turn nothing into a three course meal and at the very least she can feed 8 unexpected guests at the drop of a hat – not because she always has the perfect combination of ingredients – but because she does not put so much thought into it that she loses sight of CREATIVITY, the magic all women in the kitchen have, if only they remember to use it.

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