Dining room, at last

January 2020

We had no idea how much we needed this…

So our home was built around 1940. It was first a hunting cottage that had been through a lot and is certainly a “fixer-upper”. I love it despite its flaws. It has character and charm and it’s the perfect size ( unless I somehow convince him to get another dog, fingers crossed). It’s always been listed as a 3-bed, 2-bath. It had a dining area but not an actual room. Our dream has always been to host – scratch that – MY dream has always been to host Sunday Dinners. Kyle made those dreams come true this month, in three weeks time! I was so impressed. It’s not completed quite yet but it has come so far!!

It’s amazing what a simple renovation will do for your mental health. I mean, we spent hours on this project don’t get me wrong. I even had to recruit some girlfriends to help out. It was not relaxing, it was very stressful, but it also makes me smile every time I walk past it, knowing how many hands helped to build that room, and how many have came to Sunday dinner with us. I have a sense of peace and warmth in my heart that I didn’t know could even exist. But its there, and its real and it brings me joy, every day.

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