gettin’ ginny with it

In our home, there is no shortage of liquor and wine. ever. In truth, there is certain love affair we have with a fully stocked bar and a sense of responsibility to maintain its diversity and quality. Gin has had a particular impact in our lives namely because it has been our choice during quarantine, and also because I myself enjoy a strong martini and always have. Now personally, I do not have a level thumb when it comes to mixology but thankfully, my brother-in-law makes fabulous gin martinis and the barista himself is home from Brooklyn for a while.

Reaching a point in my life now where I can indicate immediately the things I do not like more than what I do enjoy in life, this is a splendid discovery that gin is not something I am unsure of.

With time, you should realize three things about gin:

#1. the brand you genuinely enjoy the taste of

#2. what state of mind that brand brings you into

#3. where to find quality gin, in a glass bottle

Here’s what I know.

Gin is a product of some grain, much like other liquor, but it also contains botanical compounds, mostly juniper, a shrub-like plant that produces small berries.

These berries are safe to eat and several studies show that Juniper actually relieves arthritis pain, improves metabolism, reduces inflammation and my favorite, assists in detoxifying the body with minimal impact on the liver and kidneys.

I suppose at this point I should state the obvious – these benefits are probably for small quantities of Gin, I do not suggest chugging a glass of gin a day to lose weight – although I am in no place to say otherwise after all the crazy diet fads I tried in my day.

our current top shelf selection


Gin martinis vs. Vodka martinis

Gin = botanical drink

Vodka = potato….its made from potato

Frank Sinatra’s favorite drink is said to be a gin martini with three olives

… as if I couldn’t appreciate that man any more than I already do.

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