Brunch time

February 2020

Day of the Wedding Shower

In my mind, February was the most appropriate and festive month for us to have a wedding shower. It was definitely a cold New Hampshire day, but it was also sunny and bright, just as I pictured! The sun was bouncing off the white snow and we just had a storm so the trees and fields were like a winter wonderland. My mom hosted the most gorgeous Shower, with the help of my incredible bridesmaids. When we walked in, there were bouquets of roses scattered around the room, decorations galore, a sweets station, orange cream cake, champagne, mimosas, brunch – but more importantly, the people we love the most were all there. I am always thankful for the many helping hands when my mom hosts events but this felt much more special. I mean, every little detail of the house was immaculately placed. Strategically mapped out by my girls. It could not have been any more perfect, it actually felt like a wedding on its own…that’s how I know our special day will be undoubtedly the best day of my life.

“A” , one of my best friends, wrote the most beautiful and meaningful speech I have heard to this day. It was kind and true and it made my little heart melt. We played those cliche wedding games and had a blast! There were laughs throughout the room and I let out a few cuss words ( sorry, Nana ) while playing them. My future father-in-law had sworn up and down he would not be participating in any games,but he played along. There are some hilarious photos of that (but I am trying to stay on his good side ;)).

S H O P the L O O K

My $17 dress from Shein that was abso-freakin’-lutely ADORABLE.

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