Little trip, lotta love

February, 2020

Portsmouth, NH

okay SO. If you’re from New England, you are likely to have visited either Portland, ME or Portsmouth, NH. Let me solve the ongoing battle over which of the two is better to visit, shop, dine, etc – PORTSMOUTH. A small slice of heaven on earth. The downtown area is small enough to walk anywhere and large enough to never get bored. This weekend after traveling to Massachusetts for Sunday Dinner with the Family, (which was a lovely time, might I add), we stayed just 45 minutes north, in our get-away town.

While traveling on Sunday, we made several stops, one of which resulted in the acquiring of 4 boxes of girl scout cookies. I’m sorry but how do people say no to those girls?! We made it into Mass, Kyle drove and of course I slept. Upon arrival in Saugus to visit his Grandparents, I was overcome with joy as his grandmother met us at the door. Both embraced us with open arms, smiles on their faces. They’re in their late 90’s. 98, I believe. So kind and still smart as ever. They’ve been together for 70 years. Did you hear me? SEVENTY YEARS. He said to us, the reason he keeps moving every day is because of her. She plays piano each day and walks. He plays in a band and plays for the old-folks home ( the irony ). They are sharp as tacks. I can only hope to make it that long and still be with the love of my life as they are. We stayed as long as we could with them until traveling north to his aunt & uncles. These are the most genuinely wonderful people I have ever met, and I can’t express my thankfulness as I enter their family. With them, I feel at home. Wine, apps, a spectacular dinner and dancing , celebration and music. The volume of their home never withered below a solid 9, the way I like it. The way my family has always been. We limbo-ed and sang, we ate fabulously and were merry.

Their zest for life is unmatched, how lucky am I to become a piece of their life?!

Our late night excursion to Ri Ra’s Irish pub lasted about 2 drinks before we crawled our way back to the hotel. I can confidently say we had one of the best days in a long while. Waking up Monday morning was lazy and slow. I strolled downstairs in my pajamas for black coffee and the New York Times before Kyle woke up. In the hotel lobby I looked around to a few other early risers. My heart smiled big – the presence of hospitality pulls on my heart strings. Everyone else, reading their papers, texting their loved ones, staring out onto the street; each of them traveling for business or leisure. A sense of home for me. An unspoken connection that I am utterly familiar with and can’t imagine being without.

When we got home later that night, Kyle and I put on our aprons, played Dean Martin and cooked Chicken Parmesan with beet & goat cheese salad. When we are in the kitchen, he is leading. This is about the time I start referring to him as the “Captain”. Now let me be clear – I CAN and DO cook, but there are times he is much more intense than I am about it. It’s inspiring, though, and I admire his love for cooking. We sit down to eat in our new dining room – the washer is going, the dogs at my side waiting for scraps and the music is still playing in the background. This is happiness.

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